The “Poker” is a revolutionary idea in the application of all types of capsules.. Built to provide a solution to the multiple problems that capsule application has experienced in the last few years. It is a system for application of all types of capsules including heat shrink tin and polylaminate or sparkling wine in medium and high production facilities. The various types of capsules can be applied through a modular system that is engineered to provide superior results based on capsule material and type.

The machine can be comprised of:

    • First capsuling turret. The first turret can be supplied with interchangeable thermic heads for heatshrinking, pneumo-mecahnical heads for application of sparkling wine capsules or pneumatic heads for either pre-pleating, pleating or crimping. The time required is only 10 seconds per head (time: 10” each change).
    • Second capsuling turret. The second turret is supplied with multiple Robino & Galandrino new spinning heads (international patent). The base model of the machine, ready to installed in line, is complete with: Automatic dispenser, bottle neck centering device , capsule magazine with a capacity of about 2000 capsules, heatshrinking and /or pneumatic pre-pleating headturret , spinning turret, safety guards and equipment for a type of bottle and capsule.
    • Air consumption (6 bars): 6 litres/sec. For all the models.

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