The distribution and spinning monoblock is a compact capsule application machine complete with:

  • horizontal or long autonomy capsule magazine that can be loaded from the bottom
  • mechanical pre-extraction of the capsules before expulsion into the bell
  • automatic capsule distribution with single or multi-bell elliptical oscillating movement to transport the capsules from the magazine to the bottle guaranteeing precise and reliable positioning
  • single-head models for throughputs up to 9,000 bph or multi-head models for throughputs up to 21,000 bph
  • centering of the bottle neck to keep the bottle perfectly aligned and stable during positioning of the capsule
  • rotary spinning turret fitted with the new generation Robino & Galandrino heads (international patent)
  • centralized control panel with variable speed inverter and PLC
  • safety guards in compliance with the CE- standards
  • air consumption (at 6 bar) 2.5 liters/sec.for all models.

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